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A bank of resources created during the first Covid-19 Lockdown in 2020.

WB Monday 29th June
Our Theme is - Art
Here are some activity ideas (where worksheets are available, these can be found by clicking on the 'Worksheets' button below - please let your child's teacher know if you can't access them):

Have a go at as many of these activities as you can! We've tried to break them up and indicate what you could do each day but you can pick and choose which activity you want to do and on which day.



  • Make botanical fairies!  Using petals and leaves create your own magical creatures.  See for ideas:

  • Photograph an artwork made from leaves, seeds, shells, pebbles in the style of contemporary land artists Andy Goldsworthy or Chris Drury.  Create a spiral pattern or an animal, flower or a fish! Use the ideas sheet for inspiration.

  • Using your finger and paint, make lots of dots all over a big piece of paper.  When the paint is dry, draw on legs, wings, antennae and see how many different kinds of bugs you can invent. 

  • Draw some fruit or vegetables looking really closely for details – experiment with using your pencils in different ways.  Try stippling, cross hatching, shading with different sides of the pencil.



  • Watch Quentin Blake draw a mythical unseen monster inspired by Roald Dahl’s writing – invent your own version.

  • Find lots of different shaped bottles, boxes and containers in your house or the class room.  Draw their outlines, then transform your drawing into a city at night.  Watch James Gandolfini reading the classic picture book by Maurice Sendak, ‘In the Night Kitchen’ for inspiration.

  • Look out of your window, what can you see?  Draw the roof tops with chimney pots and aerials or a collection of front doors. Cut them out so you can open them, make a drawing to stick behind -it who’s answering your door?

  • Watch the short, animated story ‘Maria and all the Grannies (Nonnas) of the World: A Story of Kindness during the 2020’.  Look at the artist’s drawings and draw your own granny, grandpa or a relative who you love – you can send it in and have it exhibited online as part of the Nonna Maria Challenge!




  • Make a sculpture out of found objects like Picasso’s baboon:

  • Create a self portrait using natural materials you find in your garden, park or beach.  Use the ideas sheet to give you some inspiration. 

  • Use ear buds to create a super spotty and dotty sunshine picture. Use the step by step guide to help. 

  • Use white crayon or candles to create an underwater watercolour painting swimming with creatures. Use the step by step guide to help. 


  • Use a plastic fork to create a spectacular Sunflower painting. Use the step by step guide to help.

  • Create amazing symmetry squish paintings of animals, insects and flowers. Use the step by step guide and ideas to help.

  • Find out about endangered species by drawing them -

St Charles’ School Art Competition


Submit your lockdown work of art into our competition and have it framed and displayed in school next term!  It will need to be A3 or A2.  If you need some paper, let us know. 

You can draw, paint, collage, photograph – go for it!

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