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WB Monday 13th July
Our Theme is - Aspirations and Reflections
It's our final theme of the school year! Here are some activity ideas (where worksheets are available, these can be found by clicking on the 'Worksheets' button below - please let your child's teacher know if you can't access them):

A bank of resources created during the first Covid-19 Lockdown in 2020.
















Have a go at as many of these activities as you can! We would love for every child to complete the first activity for their new class teacher. We've tried to break them up and indicate what you could do each day but you can pick and choose which activity you want to do and when.


  • Complete an All About Me activity to let your new teacher find out all about you! See the poster above. Templates are available on the school website by following the Worksheets link above, or feel free to come up with your own.

  • Reflect on your favourite memories of the year or your class and piece them together as a jigsaw (See Worksheets for jigsaw template)

  • Read this quote - 'For we are all inside made of real history, real dreams and the stuff we all hope for'. What do you think this means? Draw a self-portrait. On one side, include words/images that make up your history and on the other, include words/images about your hopes and dreams.



  • Create a mood board to help you set a goal or achieve a dream. Write your goal on the piece of paper and include words/images all around it to show how you will achieve it. For example, your goal might be 'Making new friends' and then your pictures/words around it might include starting a new hobby, joining a club, talking to someone new in your class etc.

  • Write a letter to someone in the year below to tell them all about your year group. What can they look forward to? What will they learn? What was your favourite activity from the past year?

  • Create a Bucket List full of activities you would like to do this Summer. Tick off all the ones that you do and share with your new teacher in September. (See Worksheets for template).



  • Black Lives Matter - Find out about key people who have challenged racism, for example Rosa Parks and Martin Luther-King.  Write a biographical profile on them or draw up a manifesto for children on how to create a fairer, kinder world.

  • Think about leaders who you admire. What qualities do they have?  How are they helping other people?  Write a letter to one of them with your own ideas and questions, for example Pope Francis, the Queen, your local councillor or MP - you might get a reply!

  • What are your talents and what skills would you like to develop?  Research a job that you would like to do when you’re older - interview someone who can help you understand what training you will need to do. 



  • As Catholics we look to the saints for inspiration on how to lead a Christian life.  Who is your favourite saint and why?  Create a PowerPoint or presentation that you can share with your class when we are all back at school.  

  • Do you have a goal that you would like to achieve by the time you are 10, 15, 20 or 50?  Climb Mount Everest?  Volunteer for a charity?  Create a business?  Invent something useful or fun?  Complete the Aspirations sheet (See Worksheets).

  • Interview someone you really admire in your family - what qualities do they have that make them so special?  



  • Write down or record two of your favourite memories from the past year. Try to think back to the things that happened before school closed. Please share these with your teacher and we may include them on the school website!

  • Every year, the Year 6 children sing a Leavers’ Song. Can you write and record your own song about leaving the class that you are in? You could fit some of your own lyrics to a popular song or write your own from scratch!

  • We will be welcoming a new teacher to teach Year 4 in September. Can you make them a card to welcome them to St Charles’?

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