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A bank of resources created during the first Covid-19 Lockdown in 2020.

WB Monday 22nd June
Our Theme is - Mental Health and Wellbeing
Here are some activity ideas (where worksheets are available, these can be found by clicking on the 'Worksheets' button below - please let your child's teacher know if you can't access them):

Have a go at as many of these activities as you can! We've tried to break them up and indicate what you could do each day but you can pick and choose which activity you want to do and on which day.



  • Start a weekly 'Feelings Diary' (see Worksheets) to record how you're feeling and to help you focus on something that makes you happy.

  • Each day, think of one thing that you are grateful for. It might be a brother or sister, your pet, having something to eat and drink etc. Record them and keep them in a jar or a box and when you're feeling down, look at all the things that make you happy.

  • Complete the 'Emotions' activity (see Worksheets). Match up the activities to the different emotions. Can you think of your own activities and match them to an emotion?

  • Design a ‘How To’ guide to help another child do something that they find difficult, e.g. riding a bike. This could be in the form of a list or a comic strip. Which words or phrases might you use to help them develop their resilience and not give up?



  • Design an 'I CAN' poster to show one or more things that you would consider to be a strength, e.g. I can make people happy when they are sad.

  • Read the story of Noah's Ark. You can watch it here if you prefer: Discuss why it is important to have hope. Choose your favourite quote from the story about hope and make it into a poster or piece of artwork.

  • Smiley cooking! Get creative in the kitchen and make something with a smiley face. You could make a smiley cake, buns, cookies a pizza or even put some smiley faces on fruit and vegetables. Have a look here for some ideas: Please send us your photos!



  • Discuss with a family member your feelings about coming back to school. Read this story together:

  • Read or watch the following story: How can you tell someone you care about them without giving them a hug? Maybe write your friend letter or a postcard, or draw them a happy picture to make them smile?

  • Print off the wellbeing wheel or make your own (see Worksheets). Draw something in each segment that makes you happy when you are feeling sad. It could be singing your favourite song, playing football, dancing, getting a hug from your parents, gardening etc. Whenever you are feeling sad, roll a dice or a ball over the wheel and see where it lands. Do whatever it says to make yourself feel better.  

  • Print off the 'Hope mindfulness colouring' page (see Worksheets) and spend some time colouring in while you think about happy things. You could put it up in your house to remind you to stay hopeful, or you could give it to someone you care about.



  • Sing/perform/make up a song or a dance that makes you feel happy. Can you put on a show for your family? You could even record it and send it into school to help spread a little happiness.

  • You are an amazing person! Fill in the balloons on the 'Amazing Person' activity sheet (see Worksheets) and think about what makes you amazing.

  • Exercise is a great way of improving your mental health. If you haven't already done so, why not join in with the virtual mile? Alternatively, take part in a daily exercise routine, like this one:

  • Pick one act of kindness to do today. You might ask a neighbour if they need any shopping, send a card to someone, offer to tidy up for a grown up, water a neighbour's garden etc. Think about how you feel after doing it.



  • Read the poem 'Smiling is Infectious' by Spike Milligan (see Worksheets). Can you learn the poem and perform it? We'd love to see a video of you!

  • Some people believe that smiling is infectious! If you smile at someone, it encourages them to smile back. Create a giant smiley face poster to display in your window to encourage other people to smile.

  • Encourage people to smile by making a smiley face model. You could papier-mâché a balloon, paint it and draw a big smiley face on it. Can you hang it somewhere to remind you and your neighbours to keep smiling? Send us your photos!

  • Read the poem 'Smiling is Infectious' by Spike Milligan (see Worksheets). Can you write your own poem about happiness?

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