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What is the PTFA?

PTFA stands for the Parent Teacher and Friends Association. Our PTFA is a fundraising venture linked directly to St Charles Primary School whose aim is to provide community events that everyone can enjoy and raise money to give children things that they may not normally be given at school.


Over the last three years, our PTFA has given St Charles about £15,000 to fund major projects such as the buddy benches/metal nets on the Infant/junior playground and a range of other things the children may not have been able to benefit from.


All parents, carers and teachers at the school are automatically members of the PTFA, so please get involved.


Some of the things PTFA members do.

  • Help to get other parents/carers involved in PTFA events, e.g. asking other parents/carers you know if they can help out at the Xmas Fair, International Food Evening and Summer Barbecue.

  • Feeding back any ideas that you or other parents/carers may have to the PTFA Committee. Telling other parents/carers about things that the PTFA is doing that affect them whenever possible. It is really important to the school and our children that ALL parents/carers have a chance to get involved. We would like the Class Reps to represent the diverse school community, and would like both dads and mums, working and non-working parents to help out.


Everyone is most welcome!


Many thanks


The PTFA Committee

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