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A bank of resources created during the first Covid-19 Lockdown in 2020.

WB Monday 1st June
Our Theme is - Space
Here are some activity ideas (where worksheets are available, these can be found by clicking on the 'Worksheets' button below - please let your child's teacher know if you can't access them):

Have a go at as many of these activities as you can! We've tried to break them up and indicate what you could do each day but you can pick and choose which activity you want to do and on which day.



  • SpaceX launched their first craft into space on Saturday night (you might have watched it fly over England). What can you research about it? Some ideas include – who are the astronauts onboard? What was their craft called? Where are they now? Where did they launch from? Can you draw their craft?

  • Jot down as many words as you can to describe a star. Use these words to write a sentence describing a star or to create a poem. Don’t forget to include a picture.

  • Cut out the stars and complete the challenges on the star maths sheet exploring numbers 0 – 20. If you need more of a challenge, create your own star number cards!

  • Explore the ‘Listen, Think, Share Reflect’ activities for KS1 and KS2 children.

  • Draw round your shadow every hour. How do they change? Can you explain why this is?


  • Do you think SpaceX should be able to send satellites into orbit to provide internet for the world? Discuss your thoughts with someone at home and list the reasons for and against your own opinion.

  • Space Founder Elon Musk Talk Task

  • Learn all about star gazing through this helpful video (KS1)



  • Space Art! Create your own space picture. What will be the subject of your picture? A satellite, a star, a rocket, a planet, a constellation? What view will you use e.g. looking up into space or down, back at Earth? What colours, shapes, lines and tones will you use? Will you use pencil, crayon, paint or materials or could you create your piece of art using a computer program?

  • Explore the phases of the moon. Can you use jaffa cakes/oreos or another way or showing this – ideas here:

  • There are some fantastic constellations you can see in the night sky. Why not recreate some of them:



  • Observe the night sky. Can you see the moon? Can you see any constellations? What else can you see? Record your findings.

  • Research all about the International Space Station here: - can you work out when you’ll be able to see it over Rishton next?

  • Read and research the history of the internet. Can you find out when it first began? When was the World Wide Web invented?


NASA’s own classroom activity ideas:

50 interesting space activities

BBC Space week ideas

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