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A bank of resources created during the first Covid-19 Lockdown in 2020.

WB Monday 6th July
Our Theme is - Sport
Here are some activity ideas (where worksheets are available, these can be found by clicking on the 'Worksheets' button below - please let your child's teacher know if you can't access them):

Have a go at as many of these activities as you can! We've tried to break them up and indicate what you could do each day but you can pick and choose which activity you want to do and when.





  • Complete the Sports Day word unscramble (see Worksheets)

  • Complete the A-Z of Sports activity challenge. How many different sports can you think of? Can you try some of them out at home? (See Worksheets)

  • Get creative and design a new medal that could be awarded at Sports Day. (See Worksheets)

  • What would you do if you could invent a new sport? Come up with some ideas and complete the activity sheet. (See Worksheets)



  • Get your brain warmed up and see how many words you can find in the sports word search. (See Worksheets)

  • Have a go at Geocaching - the world's largest treasure hunt. More information and a video can be found here - Always complete this activity with an adult.

  • Hold your own virtual Sports Day whilst raising money for CAFOD. There is a link to donate to on their website.

  • Make a treasure hunt! Give each person playing a sheet of paper with clues. For example, "Which house has a letterbox in a certain shape?" and "Name three crossroads with four-way stop signs." Set geographic boundaries to make sure everyone stays within a safe area. The first person to return with correct answers wins.



  • Sports are enjoyed all over the world. Complete the Geography Scattegories activity and test your geographical knowledge. (See Worksheets)

  • Look at some of the activities that you can do at home to hold your own Sports Day! How many can you complete? Can you challenge your family members? Send us your photos! (See Worksheets)

  • At this time of year, we normally do our 2K colour run. Why not get in the spirit with your family members, all get dressed in the same colour and complete your own 2K run? Please share your photos and videos with us!

  • What is your favourite sport? Can you make it into a model? You might make a Lego football pitch, bake a tennis court cake, build an athletics track out of bricks or make your own netball hoop!



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