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A bank of resources created during the first Covid-19 Lockdown in 2020.

WB Monday 28th April
Our Theme is - Up and Active
Here are some activity ideas (where worksheets are available, these can be found at the end of the activity idea):

Have a go at as many of these activities as you can! Worksheets to support this work will be posted ahead of Monday.


  • Why not write a letter/postcard/email to school telling us how you are keeping fit and keeping your minds healthy. Writing templates.

  • Create a daily exercise journal jotting down all of the exercises you have done each day

  • Have a go at the A-Z alphabet sports challenge. How many sports can you note down for each letter of the alphabet

  • Investigate ‘Who’s fitness work out gets your heart rate the highest?’ Do each workout we share this week or explore this with the online celebrity workouts, e.g. Jo Wicks, and record your heart rate before and after. Which one will impact you the most?

  • Create a healthy meal for you and your family. For extra challenges you could calculate the price of your healthy meal or you could have a go at creating the healthiest meal for a set price. Healthy lunchbox template.

  • Why not produce a video explaining what healthy foods you are eating and why?

  • Share things you can do to relax and have a healthy mind – colouring, chilling out in the garden, reading

  • Have a go at creating your own instructional video making a healthy snack/meal

  • Eat a rainbow a day (something red/orange/yellow/green/purple) – share pictures of your rainbows!

  • Design your own running vest. Vest template.

  • Create your own ‘Up and Active’ exercise gear – make a runners’ vest out of an old t-shirt. Vest template.

  • Design your own healthy eating poster

  • Teach everybody a dance routine through pictures or a video

  • Create different walking routes around the area – can you create easy walking routes (on the flat ground) and more challenging ones (involving a few hills)

  • Create your own sports pledge or Mascot for the Lancashire Games. Pledge. Mascot.

  • Have a go at some yoga. Yoga videos.

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