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School Uniform

Children are expected to adopt the School Uniform and to use the School colours for the sake of safety, identification and fairness. Printed School Sweatshirts, Polo Shirts and Tee Shirts are available throughout the School Year from Whittaker's in Blackburn, but parents may use their own suppliers if they wish.


Click here to go to the Whittakers Website.


Local Authority grants are available for families who are in receipt of Income Support or Job Seeking Allowance (Income based).

  • White shirt/Polo Shirt/blouse              

  • Red Sweatshirts                           

  • Cardigans                                                                      

  • Grey trousers                                      

  • Skirts                                                 

  • Pinafores                                            


Skirts must be long enough to touch the knee.  Please do not purchase tight skirts with slits.  Thank you.


The School recommends that all children wear shoes rather than trainers, but please do not allow your child to come to School in platform shoes or with high heels.  Children are permitted to wear stud earrings only. Please note that children are not allowed make-up, dyed hair, false nails, nail varnish, piercings, jewellery or any other unsuitable fashion craze.


For PE Days: 

  • Tee-Shirt  (preferably white)            

  • Shorts-black

  • Grey jogging bottoms or leggings

  • Red hoodie

  • Trainers (with appropriate ankle support)

  • Black Pumps